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Book Review – Key Of Knowledge By Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts has done it again.

After setting high standards with the first book “Key of Light” she has surpassed my expectations with the second book in the trilogy.

The first story had Malory who had 4 weeks to find the key which would unlock one of the 3 daughters whose souls have been locked since many millennia.

She had to outwit the villain “Kane” who had a major role in locking the king’s daughter’s souls.

With the help of her friends Dana and Zoe, she finds the key.

This is how the first book ends.


Now the second book focuses on Dana.

She too has 4 weeks to find the key.

The hint given to her dealt with something related to her past, present and her future.

She realizes its Brad, her first and only love who could be part of that equation.

After ups and downs, they confess their love to each other, and try finding the key.

Kane on the other hand, has crossed the ethical boundaries in this fight and will use all means to win, which means even death.

He tries to kill Brad and Dana, turn by turn, but succumbs to their unity and is hurt.

Finally Dana finds the key, and thus the second soul is unlocked.

This book has got my inquisitiveness to a new extreme level and i am looking forward to buy the next book and find out how this ends.

If you like mystery, then do read this.




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